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    One of the things I love to do in my community is host crafty happy hours and card making events. I am showing you in this post How to Make Card Craft Kits because I think the more cards being made and shared, the better. There are a few tips and tricks to the kit making to ensure that the user i... View Post
  • DIY Adjustable Hemp Friendship Bracelet

    DIY Adjustable Hemp Friendship Bracelet Hemptique’s Adjustable Macramé Bracelet Tutorial Made with Hemptique’s #20 100% Hemp Cord Want to learn how to make a beautiful friendship bracelet that has an adjustable knot? Then keep reading! This macramé bracelet is made with a simple braid pattern and... View Post
  • Valentine's Macramé Heart Keychain

    Carry Love with you and share it with the ones you love, make your own heart stacked heart Keychain for a cute Valentine's day gift, from your hear to your loved ones. View Post