String art is simple and ideal to decorate on the kitchen wall. The carrot is not only orange in color, but purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist, all of which are domesticated forms of the wild carrot. We have all those colors. Maybe you can try with a different color.

Materials Needed for DIY String Art:

  • Hemp Twine or Cord
  • Variegated Hemp Cord for the top of the carrot
  • Nails
  • A wood surface
  • Pattern
  • Craft Hammer
  • Scissors

Nail the carrot pattern to the wooden surface.

Wrap the string around the nails, creating as you go. Then, tie off the cord.

Create rectangles around the nails at the top of the carrot.

Tie the strips of green ribbon in knots to the pink rectangles.

Loop a pink hemp cord and tie a big bow on the carrot.

You are all done! Isn't it adorable?

Click the tutorial button and learn how to make this String Art Carrot:

- by Laura Kelly -