DIY Flower Bracelet

Made with Hemptique’s #48 100% Hemp Cord

This fun DIY project will teach you how to make your own adjustable flower bracelet using our hemp cord! This macramé bracelet is made using square knots, endless falls knots, and vertical lark’s head knots. It also features a slip knot that makes it easier to take on and off. Switch out the color palette to make the flower pattern of your dreams! Our hemp twine is 100% hemp, which is a natural eco-friendly alternative to synthetic products.

Materials Needed:

• Hemp Cord #48 (We are using the colors Sunset Coral and Black)

• Scissors


1. Measure and cut one sunset coral cord 7 feet long, and cut one black cord 5.5 feet long.

2. Fold both cords in half and form a loop by tying and overhand knot.

3. Use the black cords to tie one square knot around the sunset coral cords.

4. Place the black cords on the outside and tie one endless falls knot.

5. Switch the position of the cords so that the black cords are now in the middle. Tie one vertical lark’s head knot around the middle left cord. Tie two vertical lark’s head knots around the middle right cord.

6. Switch the position of the cords once more, now placing the black cords back on the outside. Tie one endless falls knot.

7. Repeat steps 3 – 6, but this time tie two vertical lark’s head knots on the left side, and one knot on the right side.

8. Keep repeating steps 3 – 7 until you have tied 7 flowers, or until the pattern fits around your wrist.

9. Tie an overhand knot at the other end of the bracelet to match the start.

10. Create an adjustable closure by tying a slip knot

• A slip knot is created by pulling the ends through the loop we created at the start. Pull until a new loop is formed. Stick the ends through this new loop and then pull them toward the middle of the bracelet.

11. Trim the remaining ends to the desired length.

• Note: It is a good idea to tie the remaining ends with small overhand knots to prevent the slip knot from falling off and coming undone.

Your new hemp bracelet is now complete! You can easily slid this bracelet on and off your wrist.

Happy Crafting from Hemptique!

- Kathy Gray from Graywonders -

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