DIY Wristlet Keychain

DIY Wristlet Keychain

Do you lose your keys in your purse all the time? Or maybe you are constantly dropping them when juggling all your grocery bags? A wristlet keychain is the perfect solution! Not only are these keychains stylish, but they are practical too. They make finding your keys and holding them much, much easier. You can even use these keychains as a handle for a clutch bag, your id/badge, etc.

Our wristlets are made with 100% eco-friendly hemp cord. Hemptique Hemp Cords are an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic cords, making this a sustainable craft!

Learn how to make a quick, easy, and beautiful macrame wristlet keychain in this DIY step by step tutorial.

Materials Needed:

Hemptique #48 (1.8mm) Hemp Cord in your color choice. 
We used the colors burgundy and natural.

Keychain ring


Optional: Tapestry needle


    1. Begin by cutting 4 pieces of hemp cord 10 feet long, 2 pieces of hemp cord 5 feet long, and 1 cord 2 feet long.
    2. Attach all 6 long cords to your keychain with a lark’s head knot.
      • The order of the cords should be as follows: 10ft, 10ft, 5ft, 5ft, 10ft, and 10ft.




    1. Tie 1 half square directly below the lark’s head knots.
      • Note: You are using the 10 foot cords to tie the knot around both 5 foot cords.




    1. Move down approximately 1 inch from the half square knot, and tie a full square knot.




    1. Continue tying square knots until your project has reached approximately 12 inches from the keychain to the last square knot.
      • We tied 22 full square knots total.




    1. Fold your square knot chain in half to form a loop. Pull the remaining ends through the keychain.
      • Note: When folded in half, you want the first full square knot to match location with the last full square knot.




    1. Take your 2 foot cord and tie a gathering knot around the section directly below the keychain all the way to the first full square knots.




    1. Trim the remaining ends, and use a tapestry needle or a different object with a point to push any visible ends back up through the gathering knot section.




    1. Optional: You can use fabric glue or hot glue to help secure the gathering knot even more!


    Your hemp cord wristlet keychain is now complete!

    Happy Crafting from Hemptique