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DIY Mask Lanyard

DIY Mask Lanyard

DIY Mask Lanyard

Hemptique’s Face Mask Lanyard Design
Made with Hemptique’s Natural Hemp Cord

Never loose or forget your mask, keep your mask clean and in place with a DIY hemp cord lanyard! This easy project is a great way to manage where to put your mask when you need to take it off. Instead of leaving it somewhere or shoving it into a pocket, this macramé lanyard will allow you to let your mask simply hang around your neck. We created this neck strap with our natural and eco-friendly hemp twine.

Materials Needed:

  • #48 Hemp cord in 3 different colors
  • We used the colors: Mustard, Sunset Coral, and Natural
  • 2 lobster claw keychains
  • Scissors
  • 100% Hemp Mask (optional)

  • Instructions:

    • Measure and cut 2 hemp cords 10 feet long, and 2 hemp cords 20 inches long.
      • Note: Use different colors for the 10 feet cords for the best look.
    • Fold one 10 ft. cord in half and attach it to the keychain with a reverse lark’s head knot. Repeat with the other 10 ft. hemp cord.

    • Directly below the reverse lark’s head knots, use one 20 inch cord to tie a gathering knot.
      • Use a tapestry needle to push any visible ends back under the gathering knot after cutting off the ends.
    • Separate the cords into two sections of two by color.

    • Starting with the group on the left, tie one half hitch knot around the group on the right. Now make a half hitch knot starting from the right side and tie it around the group on the left.
    • Keep repeating these alternating half hitch knots until your lanyard has reached the desired length.
      • Our lanyard is 28 inches long.

    • Once you have reached the desired length, pull all four cords through the 2nd keychain. Fold these cords upwards until there is about 1/2 inch of space between the last half hitch knot and the keychain.

    • Use the other 20 inch cord to secure the 2nd keychain into place with another gathering knot.
      • Slide the gathering knot into place as needed. You want this knot to rest against the last half hitch knot and against the keychain without any extra space.
      • You can pull each individual cord through the gathering knot to help position the knot, and to help smooth the cords out.

    • Trim off any ends and use a tapestry needle to push any visible cord back under the gathering knot.

    Your face mask lanyard is now complete. Happy crafting from Hemptique!